Central Station across the IJ

Amsterdam, Netherlands

While Amsterdam has a mild climate, the weather can be fickle. Some people have joked that the weather cycles through four seasons a day. That’s not quite true, of course, but when you consider that the weather is a prime factor cited by Dutch people who plan (or wish) to emigrate you realize it’s not all wrong either.

Some summers the sun hardly shows, while in other years Holland is subjected to heatwaves.

Tourist brochures always show Amsterdam in the best possible light — literally, with its monuments, canals and street scenes bathed in sunlight. Rest assured, it’s not photoshopped (well, we assume it’s not). But don’t be disappointed if you don’t see much of the sun during your visit to Amsterdam.

Fact is that Holland’s climate is changing. It’s becoming milder and wetter.

The photo above shows a typical Amsterdam scene — the Central Station (just above the small vessel in the middle of the picture) as seen across the IJ estuary on a rain, shine, or both day.