“Don’t Park Bicycles Here”

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is soooo Dutch, or at least typical for Amsterdam: a bike (shopping basket filled with plastic tulips) parked right in front of a sign that says not to park bikes there.

Then again… given the color-coordination going on here I wonder whether the bike was placed there by the folks who run the store. After all, all is fair in love and advertising, right?

Episode is a second-hand clothes store — this one in the Berenstraat in Amsterdam.

Buyer Beware

Episode’s website says the Episode stores are run by GAIA. GAIA in turn is connected to Tvind — a company warned against by cult watchers such as Tvind Alert:


Or one operated by Planet Aid, Gaia, UFF, DAPP, Green World Recycling (or any of the enterprises listed below?)

You assumed you were giving to a good cause? You may be surprised to find out where your donation has really gone. It could be supporting a cult!

Your clothes are now the property of The Teachers Group. This is not a normal charity. It is not recognised as one anywhere in the world. One of its most senior leaders has just been sent to prison for fraud (January 2009).
– Source: The Used Clothes Scam, Tvind Alert

See also The Green Bins of GAIA and more about Tvind.

Cool bike, though.